Alive Payment is an Online payment solution based on blockchain,
dedicated for the B2C e-commerce market, which combines well known
payment methods like QR codes and Credit/Debit Card to make Your
purchase safe and easy.
Alive Payment is easy to implement. Use our API to fit modern card payment as any other plug-in into your code. It’s easy! Just copy and paste code from our website.
No.1 – We are the first start-up that combine contactless card payment
with e-commerce.
Time – Our payment model is well placed in time.
Speed – Alive Payment is the fastest card payment system.
Comfort – There is no need to fill up personal data gaps over and over.
Safety – You do not have to put Your card number anywhere.
Knowledge – More than 93% of bank accounts are assigned at least one card.
New way of Payment
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Alive Payment is a Online payment solution based on blockchain, dedicated
for B2C e-commerce market, which combines well known payment methods
like QR codes and Credit/Debit Card to make Your purchease safe and easy.
Below are presented knowlage part and technologies which creating revolutional
solution in payment industry. Thanks to our knowlage and experience we are able
to present You new way of card payment in e-commerce.
Technologies Applied
Payment with Alive Payment is fast, convenient and safe
because we do not enter Your card details anywhere
Purchase Process Using Alive Payment
Alive payment is a payment service that involves a physical payment card
and Smartphone to facilitate online purchases with the Card.
The idea of ​​this project is based on security, convenience, and ease of carrying
out transactions. The reinitiated payment process simplifies payment to a
minimum. The card payment method is known well for years on the local
store market will now be available at home when shopping online.

Alive Payment is a dedicated payment system for e-commerce stores. Our plans
and actions are based solely on online activities due to the enormous potential
and growth rate of this market. The combination of two very
well-known processes, which are QR codes and contactless payment
(NFC technology), gives the user a feeling of being used to a new application on
the market. A simple and easy-to-use mobile application provides the fastest
access to active financial activities without unnecessary and cumbersome
registration processes. The greatest advantage of Alive Payment is its originality
and the fact that we stand out from the competition because we introduce owls
as a payment method. We do not repeat after others.
The whole process is just few simple steps.
Alive Payment in the
eyes of the user
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We are in Warsaw, Poland.
Business hours: 8 am - 6 pm
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Karol Bedyński - Founder & CEO
Creates unique interface between
Your PC/tablet and You smartphone.
One of the best security
chain available online.
QR Code
Alive Payment
Connects Your credit/debit card
with Your smartphone.
Generates Your personal POS
to proceed the online purchase
as easy as real life shopping.